Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I join IBTrades?
You can join by clicking the Member Area and register new account there. Please make sure you have enter correct sponsor username.

Can I register multiple account using the same identity?
Yes. You can register multiple account using the same identity.

How do I make promote IBTrades?
You can promote by login onto your account and click on Network menu, then go to Promotion Center and click onto Affiliate Link.

How many level can I get the affiliate commission when promoting IBTrades?
You can get up to 20 level affiliate commission. Be aware that if you not subscribe any package, your can’t get the affiliate commission even-though you have many downline under your name.

How long can I get an affiliate commission?
As long as all your downline renewed their Monthly Subscription package without failed, you will get the commission.

Do I need to continuously pay the Monthly Subscription services?
Yes, this monthly EA subscription services is running on our internal VPS services. What you pay for subscription is actually a monthly VPS and EA rental (made by us).

Can I withdraw all my profits on my MT4 trading account terminal?
Yes you can. Actually the withdrawal will also affected your EA performance and running process. Therefore it’s not advisable to withdraw all value without calculating the risk of your trading account first. You must at any time maintain the trading value on your trading account with minimal requirement without failed.

Can I add more fund onto my MT4 trading account? Does it will affected the EA trading?
Yes, you can add more fund onto your trading account at any time via your broker trading cabinet. It will not affected your EA trading as the trading lot has been locked based on the package that your previously subscribe.

How long the EA services will be running?
As long as you pay the monthly subscription, the EA services will be running as per setup. If you have defaulted the monthly subscription, you have only 7 days to renewed your subscription before it will be cancelled.

What is the Exchange Rate?
Deposit USD1.00 = RM5.00
Withdraw USD1.00 = RM4.00

How to see the performance of your Expert Advisor?
You can access to myfxbook report link: